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Twitter:  @epi_junky

I’m also on Facebook and Myspace, shoot me an email and as long as I’m reasonably sure you’re not a psycho stalker (it’s happened in the past, don’t laugh), I’ll add you.

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  • Mike Grubbs says:

    I just want to say, a few things one that your website and writing has propelled your way to my favorites. I was an EMT-I/FF for a few years and then joined the US Marine Corp. since then i have had my share of fun and problems along the way. I am transitioning from active duty into a medical retirement, due to injury. And i just came off of leave a few days ago. While i was on leave I worked a RV accident, it was amazing how my skill set never left I missed a couple things but for the most part it was still there. Your writing touches on my past and my present. And if you want to read about it. its on my facebook. I hope that things stay Q for you.

    Michael D Grubbs

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