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“How’s the weather outside?”   We were packed into the elevator like sardines.  Myself, Blue Eyes, the bariatric stretcher and two Nurses. Blue Eyes and I answered simultaneously.  He told them that it was beautiful.  “Sunny and warm.”  I told them that it was miserable outside and to be happy that they were stuck indoors on […]

The Perfect Ending to an Imperfect Day.

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I still revert into a five-year-old hopped up on sugar every time I get to watch this…. It didn’t make up for the fact that I missed my little guy playing the theme to Star Wars like a champ with the rest of the band, but it made the situation hurt a little less.

A Year Not Wasted.

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Today it will have been an entire year since I’ve posted.  A year.  365 days. It’s mind boggling to me.  This used to be my safe place.  I’ve shared so much of my life on here.  I have to wonder what happened to shut me down.  There’s been so much I’ve wanted to share, and yet…  I feel […]

Dear Mom…

Today is the one day this year that is specifically set aside to honor you.  Every day I honor you, actually.  You’ve been the single constant in my life.  You fought like hell when Brent and I were little ones with no help to keep us under a dry roof, in a good school, and safe.  I can’t imagine […]


The local news is running a story on where the general public can dispose of their unused medications. What I’d like to know is where the ambulance service I work for can get morphine.  And a few other important meds that we typically carry. Anyone else suffering along with me?

For Little Red

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  I can remember the exact moment that I knew I needed to work in EMS.  The precise moment.  The moment that my son was choking in front of me.  The moment that I realized I had no idea how to help him.  The fire fighters that came to Nick’s rescue inspired me with their […]

That's My Boy.

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There’s a boy in that picture.  Well, there’s a few of them, actually, but the one I’m talking about is wearing a green shirt that looks like it doesn’t quite fit him.  He looks like he might be either a few steps ahead, or a few steps behind the other kids on stage.  He looks like he’s […]

At Last

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“Mooooom! Mooom! MOM! MOOOOM!”  SWR came running down the stairs to my office, almost a bit faster than her little feet could take her.  I was sitting at my desk playing around on Twitter and in general just enjoying my last off day before a marathon five day run of work at three different places. […]

I Love The Guys….

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Two of my very best friends are male.  We know we can call one another at any time of day for any reason at all. I have one son and one brother who I love more than life itself and would walk through fire for.  I’d give my life for them. I have a step-dad […]

Tackling a fear…

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One of my favorite bloggers and good friend Happy Medic very recently wrote about a overcoming a fear from his childhood.  I was lucky enough to be around to  help drag him towards that evil clown witness the event… Honestly, it was one of the highlights of Expo week for me.  Those who know me best know […]

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