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For Little Red

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  I can remember the exact moment that I knew I needed to work in EMS.  The precise moment.  The moment that my son was choking in front of me.  The moment that I realized I had no idea how to help him.  The fire fighters that came to Nick’s rescue inspired me with their […]


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Today I walked in celebration of my amazing Aunt, who has kicked breast cancer’s backside, not just once, but twice. (She’s also whooped on skin cancer, but who’s keeping score when one is clearly that badass?) I held my daughter’s hand and walked through a sea of pink. I loved it. And I’m fairly certain the little […]

Dear Abby

Last night my daughter saw me cry.  I try to never let this happen, mostly because I remember how I felt when I’d see my Mom cry.   My little one is very much like me, even at her young age.  The first words out of her mouth were, “What’s wrong, Mom?”  She lept into my lap […]

Help Needed.

Hey Ya’ll! I know things have been quiet around here (Cripe! I said the “Q” word!), and for that I apologize. Between the recovery process from my back injury to starting a new job, life has been a little… hectic. Last night I was sitting at my computer and trying to overcome my unbelievably large […]

Rally The Troops.

Family defined: fam·i·ly noun ˈfam-lē, ˈfa-mə- A group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head : household A group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation : fellowship ********** A group of people, united.  A family. That is how we tend to think of our EMS brothers and sisters.  They’re […]

Happy Birthday, Baby.

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Happy 5th Birthday, Baby Girl. I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for most of it…  That being said, I’m doing this for you and your Brother.  I hope you both know that, and as soon as I can I’ll be back baking cookies and taking you to Build a Bear and flying kites (and losing […]


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That the kids are alive and well. Well, one of them has a cold (care to guess which?), but for the most part they’re doing well. Hell, they still are willing to pose for a pic together after two days snowed in together.


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1/07/10 I’m sitting here in the station in complete darkness surrounded by a symphony of snoring men. Yes, Boy Wonder, you snore.  D.  You snore too. We all knew the Lt. snores, although tonight he seems to be bringing his own version of shock and awe to the mix.  Shock and awe, ya’ll.  If only […]

What gets me through…

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My kiddos, plain and simple. (Now pardon me if I whip out the digital picture album of Halloween’s past.) 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 (That’s FC in the middle as Spiderman) 2003 2002 (He was Pooh this year, just couldn’t find a picture:) 2001 2000. The year of the Bumblebee.  (He HATES this picture.  […]

Halloween 2009…

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Alternately titled:  Don’t mess with my Boy. I feel like I failed my kid, and it’s driving me nuts.  Not a huge fail, but any fail as a Parent feels significant. Let’s start at the beginning.  Future Cardiologist has been struggling lately with picking a costume for Halloween.  In the grand scheme of things this […]

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