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365 Project – 1/10, 1/11, 1/12

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Seems like I’m constantly playing a game of catch up lately.  Sean is putting me to shame! How could you NOT smile back? Date:  1/10/10 Time:  1500 ish Subject:  She Who Rules. I was raised by one of the toughest women I know.  In 18 years of living under her roof I can count on […]


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1/07/10 I’m sitting here in the station in complete darkness surrounded by a symphony of snoring men. Yes, Boy Wonder, you snore.  D.  You snore too. We all knew the Lt. snores, although tonight he seems to be bringing his own version of shock and awe to the mix.  Shock and awe, ya’ll.  If only […]

365 Project 1/8/10 and 1/9/10

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My 1/8/10 submission may possibly break the rules. No picture today, but a very blurry video. You remember the post I did about my Rockstar Partner? Yeah, this guy. There was a comment and a few emails about video being needed. It took me awhile, but I managed to catch another one of Rockstar Partner’s […]

365 Project – 01/07/10

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Heading home. Date:  January 7, 2010 Time:  2030ish. Subject:  We got SNOW ya’ll! Ha HA Supervisor T.  I’m still in it. Even if today’s pic is just a quick shot as I ran screaming from the station. Today was the first “significant” snow of the season (and don’t you dare laugh at my choice of […]

365 Project 01/06/10

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Date: 1/06/10 Time:  1600ish Subject:  The Cardiac stuff I didn’t get before, I now get.  Woo! P school has up until now… Well, it hasn’t been a tremendous challenge to me. Then again I’ve been through it one and a quarter times before, so… Yeah. Up until now. We recently started the cardiac stuff. Yep […]

365 Project

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No, Lt.  I didn’t miss a day, so you don’t win the pool Date:  1/4/10 Time:  2300ish Subject:  The teacher becomes the student. The shift Lt. loses his backside at Monopoly. Date: 1/5/10 Time:  0445 Subject:  Lots of room at the inn. We’re the only truck at the local level I trauma center.  Oddly enough […]

365 Project.

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A two for one. 01/02/10 – Heart. For those of us brave enough to still have a little hopeless romantic left in them. 01/03/10 – Nerves Heading in to the ER for clinical time. Hit .1000 on IV starts, pushed some drugs, and saw what I can only describe as the single nastiest decub ever […]

365 Project — I'm in.

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Okay, so I’ve caught the 365 project bug. Yet again. I’m going to attempt to post a picture a day and put it up here.  Anyone want to make a bet on how long I last? So here’s my first contribution. THAT was a good run. 1-1-10 The cabinets are empty, there’s crap laying everywhere […]

I am…

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In addition to a several other things… Officially a soccer mom. And proud of it. That right there, folks, is my boy.  My baby boy. Front and center and keeping his eye on the ball.  This is something we have issues with as he has the same problem I seem to have.  Keeping your eye […]

A quick talk…

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…With my kiddo. One of them anyway.  The younger, bossier one.  The one with the curls and the angelic smile. This one: I was putting her to bed in her room.  A room with white walls and decorated with her artwork.  And by artwork, I mean sheets of loose leaf paper with her (slightly shaky, […]

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