I have no idea why anyone would want to know more about little ole me.

Come on now.

Basically, I’m a mom to two of the most amazing children that exist.

I’m also a Paramedic.  And I’m proud as hell to say that.  I busted my ass to get here and so many people gave money so that I could get to this point.

I’m not perfect. I sleep in when I can.  I cuss like I’m still in the Army although I try really hard to not do it around my kids.  I’m seriously under paid and I have a really hard time sleeping.  Chances are that there is dust gathering on bookshelves in my house.  The lawn might not be cut and I’m probably not the one growing organic cabbage in the back yard

I’m far from perfect.

Far from it.

But I’m passionate.

This is more than just some job to me.

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