The local news is running a story on where the general public can dispose of their unused medications.

What I’d like to know is where the ambulance service I work for can get morphine.  And a few other important meds that we typically carry.

Anyone else suffering along with me?


  • Nope. Our Diversion Supervisor saw the shortages coming and made arrangements to carry alternate concentrations if need be. There is no shortage of meds, just a shortage of the dosaging we’ve become accustomed to. Imagine making your own 1:10,000 at the bedside for example. We may be heading that route. And possible paying more than 88 cents for D50.
    Have you read the letter Setla posted?
    Nice to see you writing again BTW.

  • Robert Ball says:

    Interestingly, not too bad out our way…been a little nervous about Versed, but so far we’re hanging in there. Morphine…we had to switch from 10mg/ml to 8mg/ml for a while, now we’ve got the 10s back…

  • 9-ECHO-1 says:

    We just learned Toradol is no longer available (at least in the concentration we carry). A lot fo times, we have learned we have a larger stock than our suppliers.

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