One of my favorite EMS blogs on the internet belongs to Lt. Michael Morse of Providence, RI Fire Department.  From the very beginning and to this day whenever I read one of his posts I feel like I could have been a third partner on the scene, right there with him.  You start to believe that you’re feeling the emotions that he felt, the highs and the lows and everything inbetween.  His writing appeals to providers of all levels, from the saltiest verteran to the greenest probie.  It’s just that good.

It’s not just good.  It’s excellent reading.

Lt. Morse has a new book out that follows him over the course of a busy shift.  If you or someone you love is passionate about EMS, I couldn’t recommend this book enough.  You can purchase your very own copy of Responding here.  Lt. Morse’s blog, Rescuing Providence can be found here.

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