Today I walked in celebration of my amazing Aunt, who has kicked breast cancer’s backside, not just once, but twice. (She’s also whooped on skin cancer, but who’s keeping score when one is clearly that badass?)

I held my daughter’s hand and walked through a sea of pink.

I loved it. And I’m fairly certain the little one had a good time on her first “Race” as well.  We call it “The Race” out of habit.  When someone mentions “The Race”, we all know what they’re talking about.  The Komen Race For The Cure.

I watched a man my age run the 5K in his mother’s pink bathrobe. He lost her six months ago. I saw countless people walking in memory of Jennifer Sugg, who at 31 years old was taken from this world, taken too soon from her husband and two small children by breast cancer. I saw several stories about her on the local news stations.  She never gave up and even at the end wanted nothing more than to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer.  She was 31 years old when she died. Four years younger than I am. I saw so many survivors there in their pink shirts. Many running, many more walking, some walking with assistance, but all happy to be there. Everyone seemed to have a story. Everyone was proud to be promoting awareness. Proud to be raising money to fund research.

That’s my Aunt with her pink survivors flag. She carried it for the entire walk.

I was happy to take part. We all were. But there was this nagging feeling in my stomach the entire time I was there.

In 2010 there were roughly 210,000 deaths from breast cancer.

There were 218,000 deaths from prostate cancer. And another 8,000 from testicular cancer.

I’m all for walking for the girls and wearing pink, but there’s not much out there for the guys. Who’s raising awareness for them? Who is walking for them and sharing THEIR stories? Why aren’t we doing this? I have a friend who’s at war with testicular cancer right now. He has a story, but there isn’t an event to honor, celebrate and raise awareness for that… No one talks about it. We’re not wearing “Save the Balls” or “Save the Booty” Tshirts. Where’s the cool cape my daughter can wear while she’s walking a 5K in honor and in celebration of these folks?

More has to be done.

Please consider checking out

And if you can give, please do. Check out Ambulance Driver’s website  for details.  And since they’re running a nice side bet and I can be swayed by someone willing to proof read a post, I’m leaning towards the Dive Medic’s effort.

Be safe out there.


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