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Hey Ya’ll!

I know things have been quiet around here (Cripe! I said the “Q” word!), and for that I apologize. Between the recovery process from my back injury to starting a new job, life has been a little… hectic.

Last night I was sitting at my computer and trying to overcome my unbelievably large writers block when I came across a message from a friend on Twitter. @Jeff_EMT is an EMT with Reedy Creek Emergency Services Station 4 (Walt Disney World across from Saratoga springs Resort Area)  who lost his Father and Father-In-Law to cancer. His sister is a breast cancer survivor. He was/is feverishly trying to raise money for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life, which starts at 1800 April 1st until April 2nd at 1000.  It’s a passion of Jeff’s, and one that his entire family participates in, from his Wife and Sister to his three children (including a 2 1/2 year old little one!). 

$911.00 is his goal. He’s doing very well, but I want to see him not just meet, but exceed his goal!  He needs our help. I know that a handful of my Twitter friends and EMS bloggers have already donated (myself included), but I’d like to take this time to ask you, if you’re able, to donate whatever you can to the cause.  Cancer is an evil, evil bastard of a disease. Each dollar donated is one step closer to a cure, 100% tax deductable, and all money donated goes directly to the American Cancer Society.

Let’s help this fellow EMT out by getting him to his goal. Give what you can.  If you can’t give, you can always help by spreading the word about what Jeff is trying to accomplish.  After speaking with Jeff and hearing him speak so passionately about this event, I know how much he’d appreciate it, and I would as well.  I’m the daughter, niece, cousin, caregiver and friend to some amazing people who have had cancer.  I’m also the granddaughter to a man who’s life ended too soon because of pancreatic cancer. 

Thanks for reading, be safe out there.

Jeff’s Relay for Life Page

Jeff’s Twitter page

My Twitter page


  • Janet Armstrong Willis says:

    Thank you for your kind words about my brother, I am the sister that has survior breast cancer. My brother is the last three years, he and his children have done 2 relay for life in less then a month, this year we all decided to do only one. I believie in this cause. Cancer is an evil word and its the club noone whats to join. Surviving cancer has made me look at the world in a differnt light. I have stopped and now I am smelling roses.

  • FrankC says:

    Got to your site a bit late. Hope 14th April is not too late to add some cash to the cause. Kill the bastard cancer. Ahem. Sorry ’bout that.

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