On This September 11th…

From Post Secret

Nine years later and I’m still hurt and angry.

So today, in honor and in memory of those innocents who were killed by terrorist murderers, I did the only thing two things that I could do.

First, I learned something about two of the victims from that day.  (Thank you, Happy Medic for the inspiration)

I learned about John Vigiano Jr (FDNY) and Joe Vigiano (NYPD), brothers who were both killed that day.  I read about their father, John Vigiano Sr, a former FDNY Captain.  I read about the family rivalry between FDNY and NYPD… I read about their accomplishments, and how proud John Sr. was to be their Dad.  I read about how important their chosen careers were to them, and how much respect they had for each other and their respective departments.  I read about the love they both had for their little ones.

Two men just doing their jobs.  Killed by cowards.

The only other thing I could do to possibly honor those people… The civilians, my Brothers and Sisters in EMS, the Firefighters and Law Enforcement folks who were murdered that day was to put on my uniform and go  to work myself.

So that’s what I did.  I went to work.  I got on a truck and stood proud, with my chin up.

And I didn’t forget that day.  I’ll never forget.

I refuse to.


  • Old NFO says:

    Excellent post Epi, and Never Forget!

  • RangerJake72 says:

    I don’t think it matters that for many of us we don’t know, personally, the responders that died on 9/11, but the fact that they were doing their jobs, the same as many of us do, trying to save others (that they didn’t know) what brings it home to all of us

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