Holy Crap.

No pun intended.  Or pun intended, at this point I’m not even sure.  My apologies, for the 4th time in four weeks I’ve found myself hiding in the basement because of a tornado watch/warning.

That being said…  HOLY CRAP!  I was tagged in a meme by the Happy Medic himself.

Get it?  Holy cra– Oh, nevermind.

So I’m supposed to share what I’m reading while spending time in the Ladies room.  While I can’t possibly imagine why ANYONE would want to know this… What the heck.  I’m game.

So here’s my list (in no particular order other than the first):

First and foremost, I’m a medic student *THIS CLOSE* to the end of my program.  If I don’t have Volume 1 or 2 of the big red book (BRB) in my hands, it’s because something’s wrong.

And yes, I read it in the bathroom.  I read it in the tub.  I read it while I’m on clinicals, and I read it when I’m lucky enough to be catching a soap opera.

And yes, I watch soap operas.  CBS, btw.  Ridge is a tool.  Carly is my hero.  Victor can kick anyone’s ass.

The Big Red Book(s).

If for some reason I don’t have the BRB available, or I’m too exhausted to even consider opening the thing because I’ve been studying about upper GI bleeds and the joys of dig toxicity and the fun arrhythmia’s they produce, I’m probably looking for some mindless entertainment.  What’s more mindless than Jessica Alba Cosmo Magazine?  I mean where else can you check out an article about your man being possibly being gay and then instantly skip to an article about His #1 Sex Fantasy?

Cosmo.  I’m a chick.  I read it.

While I am a chick, I’m a chick who has a ridiculously geeky side to her.  It seems to rear it’s ugly head any time I have an opportunity to learn more about my chosen profession.  JEMS Magazine, how I love you.  Let me count the ways.  (And that ResQPod rocks my socks!)

What Keeper-of-the-Cheerios doesn’t need to know what the Best Toys of the Year(!) are?  Okay, so that was a little over the top, but I have subscribed to Parenting magazine for the last 9 years or so.  When FC fell into the entertainment center and gave himself a black eye at the age of nine months, Parenting magazine told me that it was ok.  When SWR developed colic and her Dad and I were driven to the point of actually hiding from her, LITERALLY HIDING, Parenting magazine gave me ways of coping with the shrieks and screams and ways to calm her.

Yep.  I am the Keeper-Of-The-Cheerios.

Last but not least (and I’m hanging my head in shame here for some reason), Twilight.

Yes, I’m one of those girls.  I’m in love with a book series.  My name is Epijunky, and I’m addicted to the Twilight books.

I’m in love with the idea of a hot vampire who would say something like, “Of all the things about me that could frighten you, you worry about my driving”.

Okay that was a private joke that no one will get.  That being said, I’m in love with the idea of true love.

And hot vampires.

Okay, so I’m enamored with some actor, but still.

So, in playing along with the meme rules, I’m going to tag five others.  Let’s see if they play.  No pressure…I mean *I* did it, why wouldn’t you?

My girl Bernice.  Because if I feel like I need to do it, I shouldn’t be the only girl playing.  And because Bernice rocks my socks.

Ambulance Driver.  Because honestly, who HASN’T wondered what this man is reading while in the little boys room?  Okay, that was possibly a rhetorical question.

Mr. CKEMTP.  Because us redheads have to stick together.

Medic Matthew, the best friend I’ve never met.

Jay G from MArooned.  Who I’m fairly certain hasn’t read my blog in months.

I’m curious, sue me.

If you’re brave enough, play along. :)


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