Happy Birthday, Baby.

Happy 5th Birthday, Baby Girl.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for most of it…  That being said, I’m doing this for you and your Brother.  I hope you both know that, and as soon as I can I’ll be back baking cookies and taking you to Build a Bear and flying kites (and losing said kite– sorry about that…)

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.


Your Mom Mom.


  • Old NFO says:

    Happy Birthdays to her, happy birthdays to her, and MANY more… I’m sure she understands Mommy being away, so she can make things better. I’m amazed at the level of understanding of the very young.

  • Wiremu Petera says:

    Wow! Children grow up so fast… I’m sure she knows, in her heart, the sacrifices you make to support her.

  • MEX-EMT says:

    Hope you had a great time with your daughter and hope she got very cool presents. :)

  • TJ says:

    God, they grow up fast. She’s getting so big!

    Like others have said I’m sure she understands. If she doesn’t now, she will one day. Happy birthday to your little one, Epi.

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