Writers Block. Poof.

I’ve been suffering from an insane case of writers block.  Between almost constant worrying about school, and completing my clinical hours, and whether or not my kids were okay, and starting back at work after having a month and a half off… Well… A girl loses the urge to write.

And then you wind up in the ER with the little one.

Tonight I was gently reminded why I love blogging so much.  My writers block was obliterated.  I’ve been typing for three hours straight.

And SWR is doing just fine now, thank God.

In lieu of actual content, I give you this:

The LP 15 in all it’s glory.

I want.

Something worth reading will be up tomorrow.


  • Medic999 says:

    Glad to hear SWR is well and look forward to Reading your thoughts when you post them.
    You have a lot on your plate! Don’t feel any pressure to blog. We will all still be here and subscribing to your RSS anyway.

  • VTEMT says:

    Blogland will still be there when you’re done with school and your life gets (almost) back to normal. You’re doing the right thing to focus on you and your family. Just keep good notes and think of all the material you’ll have when you get back ! Glad you’re baby’s OK..!

  • 40lizard says:

    Glad she’s better and I hate to tell you this but we have 2 of those bad boys at work! They are so awesomely cool and I sincerely hope we are going to get to replace the whole fleet with these new ones!

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