That the kids are alive and well.

Well, one of them has a cold (care to guess which?), but for the most part they’re doing well.

Hell, they still are willing to pose for a pic together after two days snowed in together.


  • NYEMT says:

    Holy cats. Mine were ready to kill each other after forty-five minutes of each others’ company on their snow day. Use of duct tape and Velcro for childcare devices for the remainder of the day was averted only by the narrowest of margins. And by the distraction tactic of tossing them both (properly swaddled – I’m not a complete ogre) out into the snow to play.

    Worked like a charm. :)

    • Epijunky says:

      Normally I would have done the same thing. Unfortunately both of them are still (STILL!) coughing.

      I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Even with sanity hanging on by a thread. :)

  • Old NFO says:

    Hell, we used to get thrown out to play sick or not… :-)

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