I'm A Happy Girl.

Ridiculously happy.

I’m in a good place, ya’ll.

Haven’t killed anyone, haven’t watched anyone die, and if anyone needs to be bagged while I’m working on a certain truck at work, I’ll have nine different BVM’s to pick from. (Don’t ask me why we have nine BVM’s on the truck, I asked the owner today, he had no idea either.)

School is going well.  I’m feeling challenged.  And I LOVE a good challenge.  Eight months to go in school means an eight-month-long challenge.  All the better!  Bring it on, I’m game!

Work is work.  Hell, they don’t even provide us with toilet paper.  That being said, I had an interview today with a new service in the city and I really feel good about it.  I should know by Wednesday.  I’ll let you know when I do.  Send good vibes my way, I need them.

My head and heart are in a better place.  And that’s a huge load off my shoulders. I finally can feel the tension in my shoulders relax.  I’m sleeping better, I’m eating better, and in general, I just feel good.

How are ya’ll?


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