I am…

In addition to a several other things… Officially a soccer mom.

And proud of it.

DSC_2598 copy

That right there, folks, is my boy.  My baby boy. Front and center and keeping his eye on the ball.  This is something we have issues with as he has the same problem I seem to have.  Keeping your eye on the prize.  Or the ball.  Or the patient who is about to almost knock you unconscious.

DSC_2568 copy

Here he is actually kicking the ball.  Pay no attention to the fact that the color of his uniform changed…

Or the fact that his shin guards are outside of his socks.  Hell, we didn’t know any better, made sense to put a layer between the guards and your skin…

ALL my fault.  I swear.

What it comes down to is that due to no fault of his own this kid had to wait three, almost four years to play a sport that he begged me to play.  As a result he’s a first year player on a team of kids who have been playing soccer for as long as I’ve been in EMS.

He’s a Rock Star, regardless of who won or lost.  And his Father and I couldn’t be prouder.


Cut a girl some slack for her hair.  It was windy and I was working.

Then there’s the little one.  She’s shown a definite interest in the sport.  Then again she kicks just about everything around her when she gets tired, kind of makes sense to put a ball in front of her and let kick her frustrations out.

DSC_2599 copy

She certainly kept my Mom and Step Dad busy.  I’m pretty sure Mom was ready for a nap by the time we were heading home.  She has a way of running us all ragged.  If I could bottle whatever she’s fueled by I’d be a billionaire.  A Nigerian billionaire.

DSC_2604 copy

She can start playing next year.

A new EMS related post tomorrow.  Thanks everyone for your kind comments and emails.  The support is overwhelming.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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