A quick talk…

…With my kiddo.

One of them anyway.  The younger, bossier one.  The one with the curls and the angelic smile.

This one:


I was putting her to bed in her room.  A room with white walls and decorated with her artwork.  And by artwork, I mean sheets of loose leaf paper with her (slightly shaky, but still legible) written name, pictures of Dasher, her doggy, her Father and her brother.  Don’t forget her own personal touch, hand drawn scribbles applied to lovingly with crayon and marker, directly onto the paint.

Needless to say I’ve been dying to paint these walls… Particularly now that she’s out of her “drawing on the walls” phase.

So this past weekend my Mom and I set out to find a suitable shade for her walls.  We settled on a very light pink, as pink is a color she LOVES.  Consistently. Like since birth ya’ll…


See what I’m saying?

Okay, so maybe she’s had pink “thrown at her” since birth.




Well, pink, as well as other stuff, but that’s another post.

“SWR, guess what?”  I’m trying like hell to get her focus off of Spongebob and on to anything else.

“What, Mom Mom?”  She’s not impressed with my attempt so far, but she’s playing along.

“We’re going to paint your room this weekend, wont that be fun???”

“Yaaaay!!!!  Thank you, Mom Mom!”

I knew better, I should of stopped here, but nooo.  “What color do you want your room to be,” I asked.  A simple question… I thought I knew the answer, after all, she is my little girl.  My princess…

“Purple and BLUE!”  She started bouncing up and down on her bed, clearly excited that she was being given an option.

Purple and blue.  Two colors that we didn’t buy.

Guess I’m heading back to Lowe’s.


  • audrey says:


    I recently painted my daughters room, the color is sexy pink by glidden and oh my heck is it PINK! I’m thinking of balancing it with some white wainscotting on the lower half of her walls. It’s obscenely pink. It almost glows.

    • Epijunky says:

      When my son was her age he wanted his room painted “Thomas the Tank Engine” blue. It was so blue it hurt my eyes. My family still talks about that room. I vote for the wainscoting out of sympathy.

  • hilinda says:

    When I was a kid, I always wanted a blue room. My parents picked out paint that they said was blue, but was the absolutely lightest shade possible. Only recognizable as blue when held against white.
    I’m not sure they ever understood why I wasn’t happy with it.
    A couple of years ago, my daughter wanted her room painted blue. She picked out two different shades, and painted it herself. One is almost Thomas the Tank Engine blue and one is lighter, a nice medium blue. Both much more blue than I was ever allowed to have. Most of the room is the lighter color, with all the trim and the door in the darker one.
    I love it. :-)
    So enjoy the purple and blue. Make her dreams come true!

  • That picture with the hose is awesome.

  • Aww I’m sure it will look way cool!

    Can we expect pictures when its done?

  • 40lizard says:

    I haven’t even brought up the subject of painting her room yet! Its a nice soft yellow with purple accents right now! but considering that I don’t even give her options and when we discuss issues at hand she gives me her direct vocal opinion- I’m done for before I even get started! Case in point-

  • My first ambulance station was a house we rented from our medical director’s girlfriend, a girl I used to date.

    The entire house was painted pink, with baby blue accents. The outside was Pepto Bismol pink with salmon trim and shutters, and every interior wall was a shade of pink with the blue accents.

    Almost made me physically ill to concentrate on the walls too much…

  • 9 ECHO 1 says:

    My first room was white. My parents asked what color to paint it and I said “RED”! I got beige.

    We moved. My room was white. I was asked what color and I said “RED”! I got a sort of mint bile green.

    My first wife asked me what color I wanted our room to be. I said “whatever”. I got yellow.

    My second wife asked what color I wanted our room to be. I said “Red?”. I got blue.

    But I did get a red pick-up truck not long after.

    So, what would you rather do, paint the room purple and blue or by a purple and blue car (or pick-up) later on?

    Paint it purple and blue. Just as purple and blue as she wants it. She’ll like it. And so will you.


  • NYEMT says:

    My youngest daughter (age 6) recently moved into the room vacated by my stepson, who moved out (insert tears of joy) at the age of 22. My wife repainted the room to “girl colors” (which I thought was a little silly, but the daughter DID get to pick them), and then bought curtains to match.

    A few weeks after, we had a young fellow in to install a new TV satellite dish and receivers. On the way through the upstairs hall to show him the attic playroom, where the 2nd TV is, I passed by her open door (she was at school), and he stopped short in the hallway behind me.

    I glanced around to see him staring into her room, jaw hanging open. Fearing there was a giant squid or something similar that I’d missed in there, I took a step back toward him, when he abruptly recovered, shook his head slightly, and said, “Holy Mother of God, that’s a PINK room.”

  • I think it is tremendously cool of you to go with it. We too have painted our children’s rooms to their order without undue arm-twisting. It is no insurmountable chore to primer them and go white again later for resale. They’re happy. Thrilled, really. No harm done.

  • Looking forward to the pictures of her new room ^^


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