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Some of you may know that my dear Aunt is a two time breast cancer survivor.  My mother in law is a breast cancer survivor.  Two very good friends of mine are breast cancer survivors.  More friends and family members than I care to count have had “scares”.

And now one of the most amazing people I know, someone I’m proud to call a friend, has been affected by this horrible disease.  Her Mother has been diagnosed. Emily, being the fierce chick she is, is going to participate in the “Save the Ta Ta’s breast cancer Fundraiser” Sky Dive.  Yep.  Homegirl is gonna jump out of a plane.  That’s how she rolls.  She’s put a request out:

“While I am working through just how to do that, I am participating in the 3rd annual “Save the Tatas” breast cancer fund raiser at Premier Skydiving this weekend. It is not only giving me a way to do something productive, it has opened my eyes to the thousands of people breast cancer affects.


Although I am looking for donations, (SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!–please go read the page on the event) I am just as interested in seeing how many comments in support of my mom and or the cause you all can generate.

For everyone who leaves a comment by Saturday night at midnight, I will add your name or Twitter name on a flag I am sponsoring in honor of my mom’s fight. Please retweet this and help it go viral!”


So, I’m begging here.  Please go leave a comment for Emily/Crzegrl and her Mom on this post.  Show your support.  We’re all family here, ya know!  If you have some spare change, click on the link on right side of her page.  All of the donations go directly to Susan G. Komen, which is just such a wonderful organization.  Even if you can’t donate cash (Gawd knows I know how that goes!), leave a supportive comment… Please?

It would mean a lot.


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