Crispy, but happy.

A special thank you to David at Authorblog for giving me a Post of the Day nod for this.  I never thought that a post containing a picture of my dirty sunburned feet would merit such an acknowledgment!


The pale Irish chick managed to burn herself into a shade of crispy that has yet to be named.  Even the tops of my feet are fried.

For the record, Never EVER wear sandals to a tractor pull when you’re going to be running up and down the track. God my feet are nasty.

And if you have any advice on what I can do to dull the fire that has taken over most of my body (starting to blister on my chest and arms), feel free to leave it in comments.

So yes, I’m fried.  Charbroiled.  Not unlike a lobster…. With that being said,  I had a wonderful day with the family.  More on that tomorrow.  here’s a pic of me and the kiddies embracing our inner redneck :)


Myself, She Who’s Ridiculously Cute, and The Future Cardiologist who squints in the sunshine, at the parade of tractors and firetrucks and Snap-On tools semi’s who throw candy.  They also throw Snap-On baseball caps, as evidenced by the newly acquired cap on my head.

A huge thank you to the dudes in the Snap-On Semi, btw, for taking pity on my pale self and tossing me a hat.  The guy in the passenger seat was kinda hawt.


  • Chapati says:

    Ouchies! I only burn on my cheeks, but its painful enough!

    I’ve said it before, but – gorgeous kids, gorgeous mum :D

    • Epijunky says:

      I have a pretty impressive burn on my cheeks as well… And I’ve tried just about everything to relieve the pain. The only thing that’s working is the blue aloe with lidocaine in it.

      And you are entirely too kind, thank you honey :)

  • Stephanie says:

    solarcaine helped me out this week for my 2nd degree sunburn after I fell asleep with my arm out the ambulance trackside last weekend….

  • Solarcaine….it’s totally awesome

    And by the way, I totally love your tatoo!!!

    • Epijunky says:

      Stephanie and Ambulance Mommy…

      I’m heading out for Solarcaine. Between the two of you and a coworker I’m convinced that it’s what I need :)

      And Ambulance Mommy, thank you… The EKG around my ankle was supposed to be my Son’s… I think the artist did the best he could!

  • M.Elston says:

    Noxima Yeah, the old-fashioned face cleaning stuff. Best stuff to cool a closed sunburn ever.

    • Epijunky says:

      Noxima? Is that the stuff in the blue tub? I’ve never heard of using it on a sunburn but I’m willing to try anything! Thanks!!!

  • No chance of sunburn here in Melbourne, Epi – it’s winterrrrrrrrr!

    • Epijunky says:

      Hi David!!!

      I spent the entire Winter complaining about the cold weather and the hazardous driving conditions, now I’m complaining about a sunburn! Go figure!!!

      It’s supposed to be 90F on Friday. I’m sure I’ll be whining then as well. What’s wrong with me???

  • Noxema is awesome to put on under your nose when you are about to walk into a smelly call. I had one guy who was found unresponsive in his car after what appeared to be an entire night of vomiting out whatever he decided to drink that day (I’m thinking maybe red wine was included….) and just a big old swipe of noxema under my nose killed the nose sensations long enough to make the 30 minute ride to the ER with mister stinky livable!! So hey, pick that up if you are going out, because it’s awfully useful too :)

  • 40lizard says:

    Epi, try Gold Bond lotion w/Aloe- stops the pain cold let me tell you! And if you really want to satisfy your inner redneck you need to come for a visit and we’ll work on that drawl! :), then you will be a complete redneck! :)

  • Michelle says:

    I’m suffering from my second sunburn in as many weeks- you’d think I’d learn- and my paramedic hubby thinks is absolutely hilarious when I wince froma mere touch. I drink a lot of gatorade, slather on cooling cucumber Jergens, spray aloe vera in a can & take cool showers w/o scrubbing a lot. I never peel so I’m thinking I’m doing something right. Good luck!

  • From one pale Irish person to another, the only true cure is Solarcaine. I don’t know how it always works, but it DOES.

    Looks like y’all had a blast! Next time remember the SPF 100. :) LOL jk

  • No advice, just sympathy and healing vibes.
    You look GREAT in the pic with your kids, even if a bit fried ^^


  • Thumbelina says:

    Just back from a holiday where sunscreen was my best friend. There is a cream/lotion you can get from the chemist for sunburn – it’s like an intense after sun and extremely soothing and effective. Bigun’s sunburn calmed in a day or so with that stuff.

    Congrats on POTD – over from David’s.

  • pouty says:

    I live in Arizona – you need an aloe vera plant. You break off one of the succulent leaves and bust it open and smear the juice that is inside all over your sunburn. Congrats on post of the day.

  • moannie says:

    There used to be a white indigestion med. a thick liquid that my MIL slathered on me once after I got horribly burned in Mexico…I think it was called Malox. Worked wonders, cooling instantly, did not peel.

    What gorgeous children.

  • Debbie Davis says:

    Hi, I came over from David’s authorblog. Congrats on the Post of the Day Award! I think Aloe Vera is calling your name!

  • Craig Glenn says:

    Dear Crispy,

    Great post, I enjoyed the read and have seen worse feet! LOL

    Growing up in the south and living in the sunshine state now, I do know a thing or three about sun burn. The best I have found is aloe with lidocaine. Hope this helps!

    Congrats on POTD!!!

    Craig Glenn

  • KathyB! says:

    Congrats on your POTD…

    I think you should definitely check into some Aloe Vera gel. Solarcaine also does a great product that sprays on and temporarily soothes the pain.

    Hope it’s feeling better :)

  • Sean says:

    Wicked. BTW.. love that tattoo.
    You should check out my blog post on sunburing tips. From one irishman to another.. some of my suggestions truly work.
    Baby oil is your friend. :)

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