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Yesterday the temperature topped 85 degrees in beautiful NW Ohio. While I realize that some of you wouldn’t think twice about reaching such an ungodly number in May, for us Ohioans, that’s kinda warm.  Think of it this way, when the mercury rises above sixty, I’m in shorts.  Above seventy and I’m in a tank top.  Above eighty degrees, and I run the central air and look for large cool bodies of water to submerge myself in.  That’s just me ;)

Ya’ll can keep your comments about us Yankees being wimps to yourself thankyouverymuch.

One of the benefits of living in Toledo is the access to Lake Erie.  It might be considered the red-headed stepchild of the Great Lakes, but we don’t mind one bit.  It’s ours and we love it.


She Who Rules enjoying the sand.


Interesting story about this picture.  They were miserable.  While the temperature was hot, lake water takes quite awhile to warm up.  Today there was a thirty degree difference between the air temp and the water temp.  Yes, I subjected my babies to possible hypothermia.  For a picture.  Yes, I’m a Mom of the year candidate.


They were just happy to not have their feet in the water anymore.



Have a good weekend ya’ll!


  • AdCy says:

    I’ with you on the weather! Once it hits 80, I am trying to find anyway to cool off. My AC generally comes on at that point! At the station there is a poll: Who will complain about the heat first? I put my name in the number one slot.
    Your kids are absolutely adorable.

  • Old NFO says:

    Same to you and the kids Epi! Enjoy!!!!

  • Nikki says:

    FC and SWR are sooo cuuute!

    And I know what you mean; I’m in the Middle East right now, and while it was pretty decent the first few days we were here, the temperature skyrocketed to 100 one day and all twelve of us Michigan college students were like, what the HELL?

  • Wonderful photos, adorable kids!

    Glad y’all had a good time.

  • Rogue Medic says:

    No danger of hypothermia with brief wading in cool water. It would take an extended period for any hypothermia and full body immersion. They can’t be so well behaved that you think they would put up with that.

    Temperature and being a wimp? I run the AC on warm days – 60s and 70s. If that makes me a wimp, let the critics explain why these wimps need to wear a coat when it is comfortable for me. Or maybe people should not be so critical of the temperature preferences of others.

  • VTEMT says:

    Looks like a fun time. Kids have absolutely NO problem jumping into water that would require most adults to wear a drysuit followed by 2 hours under a Bair Hugger – mine were in the river last week, which is quite something here in Vermont….

    Funny, I never thought about folks from as far away as Ohio being ‘Yankees’ (a phrase normally directed at thrifty New Englanders), but you are indeed such a thing (thanks, Wikipedia). I learn a new thing every day !

  • medicthree says:

    jealous! Though 85 would cook my fat ass…

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