Happy Mother's Day


Hey Mom…

It’s your favorite child.

The tall one.

The smart one.

The one with the high paying glamorous job.

The College graduate.

The one with the kids.

You know, Mom.  I have some wonderful children.  They are loving, grateful, intelligent…  They are that way because that is the way I’ve raised them.  And I was able to do that because of the way you raised me. I don’t say this nearly enough, but thank you.  For every time you prodded me to say please and thank you.  For every time you told me that I was capable of doing better.  For all of the times that you consoled me, and held my hand when I fell.  For every bowl of chicken noodle soup you ever made me.  For every time you grounded me for doing something insane.  For every time you bragged about me to your friends.  Even for sending the giant unicorn to my high school for my 18th birthday.

Thank you.  For everything you’ve done to raise me to be the person I am.  Any positive trait I have is a direct result of you.

All my love,

Your Daughter


dsc_0906-copyMy Mother’s Day gift from my little ones.

To all of those Mom’s out there, for doing everything you do, every day… Happy Mother’s Day.  A day late, but the sentiment is the same.

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