Baby Boy…


It took us ten minutes to get your wiggling little body into that sleeper the day we took you home from the hospital.


….We spent the next couple of years chasing you down.


You were teaching us so much in such a short period of time… Heck, you even drove an ambulance before your Mommy did…


As you continued to grow… I continued to watch you in awe.  Even while you slept…


I watched you while you rejoyced while overcoming your fears.


…Each day, falling more and more in love with you.  You are, and will always be my little guy.


Even while riding around on a cooler….  (I can’t blame you, it *did* look like fun!)


Even when you beat me at Guitar Hero for the umpteenth time…


Happy 9th Birthday, FC.


  • Kim says:

    Awww…*sobs* how sweet is that?

  • Nikki says:

    I love this. It’s a day late, but happy birthday, FC!

  • Greybeard says:

    Tell him his fan from a little farter West says “Many happy returns”!

  • Jay G. says:

    Wow. He’s 51 weeks older than “The Boy”. Happy (belated – D’OH!) Birthday FC!

  • Ninjamedic says:

    Happee (belated) Burfdai from NM, Urbaner and the ‘lings!

    P.S. I used to have to chase FTS down and put clothes on her, too.

  • Strong One says:

    You see so proud. How very awesome for you and your family!
    Please enjoy it!

  • Greybeard says:

    Well, obviously that comment didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped. But at his age he may see humor in it.
    At my age I still do!

  • stacey says:

    Happy birthday.. but I REFUSE to believe you are 9.. because if YOU are 9 and I met mom before you were born that makes me OLD..

    BUt happy birthday anyway!!

    *huggles for mom*

  • Kacey says:

    He is adorable, Epi! Love the shot with him buck nekid and free as a bird. I have a grandson whose big day is the 10th, also. He turned 22 and my daughter drove to Nyack, New York for his birthday after making all his favs….sour cream cookies with chocolate frosting and chocolate eclair cake. I’d still love to take you to lunch (with or without kidlets). You sound like such an interesting soul and I am sort of thinking that my youngest might just be interested in meeting you and seeing what sort of future she would have if she was interestedin EMT. This sounds goofy, but she and her husband are thinking of going to Gabon, South Africa after he retires to work as missionaries. She could use all the emergency training she can get. She is a live wire like you and needs some objective advice. My best, Kacey

  • Epijunky says:

    He had a fantastic birthday, thanks everyone for the sweet comments, he got a kick out of reading them :)

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